Speaking drills are an important component of preparing for your debates. Today, we’re going to introduce you to some of the best drills, and explain how each one will help you improve. [..]


Debaters need love too!


Send one of these extra-special Valentine’s Day cards with your partner, debate crush, or anyone else you want to tell “I love you, but not as much as I love debate.”


In honor of February 12th, today we’re going to share the 12 best pieces of debate advice we’ve ever received. Read and absorb these nuggets of wisdom below. [..]


Yesterday, we released our topic guide for debating on the pro side of February’s public forum debate resolution: “Resolved: The Supreme Court rightly decided that Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act violated the Constitution.” Today, we’re releasing our look at this resolution from the con point of view. Check it out below!  [..]


If you’re a Public Forum debater struggling with the complexities of the new legal topic (Resolved: The Supreme Court rightly decided that Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act violated the Constitution), you’re in luck. We’ve just released our pro-side guide, which includes a complete guide to the resolution. It offers discussion of key terms, a strategy guide, and plenty of free evidence to help you build the pro case of your dreams. Find it below! [..]


This week’s guest blog post comes from Myra Milam. Myra is currently a senior at Truman State University in Kirksville, MO, where she competes in NFALD debate. Last year, Myra was top speaker at the National Forensics Association college National Tournament, in addition to being the National Runner-Up in LD debate. Since beginning her career at Truman as a freshman, Myra has placed in the top ten debaters and top four speakers every year at Nationals. In the past eight years, Myra has competed in and coached every form of debate. Her argumentation style is an ever-evolving performance geared towards advancing inclusion in debate, particularly in terms of her experiences from her social location as a woman.


Today, Myra will tell you what steps to take if your squad seems to be stuck in a rut, and you want to branch out in terms of your interests, argumentative strategy, and style.   [..]


Today’s post is written by a guest contributor, Charles Fisher.  Charles is currently the Public Forum coach at Millard North in Omaha, NE. As a debater, he was a TOC Top Speaker in public forum in 2006, as well as a Nebraska State runner-up in public forum. He also competed in cross-x/policy debate, where he racked up a third-place State finish and a trip to NFL Nationals. In this article, Charles tells PFers how to structure a strong backbone for an awesome PF case, by borrowing a few techniques from CX. [..]

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