Today’s Free Card Friday is for the Public Forum debaters: two cards supporting development assistance. One says it’s key to military security, while the other relies on recent history to argue development assistance solves poverty. Both of these cards will be highly useful for PFers looking to bulk up their pro cases. [..]


We know lots of you have questions about kritiks. That’s why, beginning next week, we’re introducing a new column: Ask a K Hack!


Need help understanding Foucault, Nietzsche, or the cap K? Unsure about how to answer psychoanalysis? Want to know if Heidegger was really a Nazi? We can help!


Ask a K Hack will take your critical theory, philosophy, and kritik questions and provide you with clear, simple answers (and maybe just a little sass) designed to help you win those K debates.


We’re partnering with Eugene Wolters of and have a range of super-smart people standing by waiting to answer your all your toughest kritikal kwestions. We’ll make sure the person who answers your specific question is not only a successful debater/coach, but also well-read in the literature base you’re asking about.


So, what are you waiting for? Address your burning questions to! We’ll run the first Q&A next week.



h/t FYPD



There is one change you can make to the way you give speeches that only takes about one second, but makes a huge difference. Skeptical? Read on. [..]


Have you been hearing teams throwing the phrase “uniqueness controls the direction of the link” around in your debates, and aren’t sure what it means or how to use it? Debate Central will help you demystify. [..]


Today’s Free Card Friday is a two-for-one: does economic growth destroy the environment, or save it? We have evidence for both sides. [..]


Public forum debaters, here’s our guide to debating the con side of the January PF resolution, “Resolved: Development assistance should be prioritized over military aid in the Sahel region of Africa.” In it, you’ll find an introduction to the topic, discussion of debate strategy, and plenty of free evidence to get you started building your case. Find it below. [..]


What is our recommendation for the one new year’s resolution that will help every single debater improve in 2014? It might surprise you. [..]

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