This excellent TED talk discusses the transformative power of strong, powerful body language in shaping not only how we are viewed by others, but also how we view ourselves. According to Amy Cuddy, studies show that people who enact dominant body positions perform noticeably better in high-stress situations and are ranked more favorably by observers. Watch it below in its entirety:



What’s the takeaway for debaters? Stand up straight, don’t fold your body (such as by crossing your arms or legs), and, when you don’t feel confident, “fake it until you become it!”



Cross-examination is perhaps the most under-utilized several minutes of any debate round. Since your cross-x gives you complete control over what subjects are discussed, it is crucial that you work to wring every last drop of strategic potential out of this time. Today, we’re going to look at which questions you absolutely cannot skip if you want to ensure success. [..]


As debates on December’s topic get underway, PFers are faced with a unique challenge: discussing an issue that is currently experiencing ongoing tumult and uncertainty in Congress. How should the day-to-day controversy with the House of Representatives affect the types of arguments you are making? Today, we’ll address this question. [..]


When you sit down to do some debate research, the number one thing on your mind is probably finding evidence to support your claims. However, there’s another kind of research that’s just as important: the kind that helps you sound like you actually know what you’re talking about. [..]


As the number of teams reading “nontraditional” affs continues to rise, more and more debaters from traditional backgrounds are struggling to adjust to the new demands these rounds present. Many students respond by using framework arguments to attempt to shift the conversation back to subjects with which they feel comfortable. However, this is often not a great strategy. Today, I’ll tell you why. [..]

It’s the most ubiquitous strategic dilemma in debate: how do I decide which arguments to carry into my last speeches, and which to abandon or kick out of? This choice is one of the most influential in determining whether you win or lose, but in the heat of the moment it can be extremely difficult to make up your mind. Today’s post will walk you through some considerations to make sure your late rebuttals contain everything you need, and nothing you don’t. [..]


Ready for Debate Central’s con strategy guide and free evidence for December’s PF topic? Find it below!


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