A few days ago, we noticed the debate Twitters-verse buzzing about one of the worst parts of competing – the unhelpful reason for decision [RFD]. What do we mean by that? [..]

As many of you have noticed, Debate Central has undergone a serious makeover in the past year. Don’t worry; your favorite features aren’t going anywhere! We’re still doing all of the same topic analyses, free files and skills-based lesson plans that make Debate Central the # 1 completely free resource for high school debaters in PF, LD, and CX! Recently, however, we’ve shifted our emphasis and want to know how you feel about it! [..]

A new article in the Eurasia Review argues that they might not – at least not as much as we think. We cut a card from the introduction but encourage you to read the entire thing. It provides some interesting context as well as pretty solid US-LA relations defense. You can find the card (and the link) below the fold. [..]

Here at Debate Central, we’re huge fans of speaking clearly and persuasively. We understand, however, that the demands of many activities make that complicated. Many debaters struggle to balance the desire to speak fast enough to be competitive with the need to communicate in a way that most judges and competitors will easily understand. Case in point, we had a question come in over Twitter this weekend about how to do just that. [..]

We were perusing the web today and ran into an interesting article by Stephen M. Walt over at Foreign Policy. His argument? Many of your favorite IR Kritik theorists are failing to produce policy-relevant research because of something so mundane as … rankings? [..]

Happy Monday! Many of you have just begun competing and had your first tournament experience this past weekend or the one before. Are you happy with your tournament performance? If you are, that’s great! Keep up the great work! If you’re not, however, maybe the single biggest thing you need to consider is shedding the “microwave mentality.” What do we mean by that? [..]

Using anecdotes can be a powerful way to boost the emotional appeal of your speech by making abstract issues concrete and giving them a name. Like so many debate tactics, however, a little bit can go a long way. Wendesday’s issue of The Guardian has some tips. Our favorite after the jump,


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