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Postby christine » Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:57 pm

////Also, allow me to enlighten you on the biggest [Censored Word] irony in the history of the U.S.

//There was an interesting headline in CNN today: "Americans disapprove of stimulus, but like every policy in it." And there was a poll that showed that if you broke it down into its component parts, 80 percent approved of the tax cuts, 80 percent approved of the infrastructure, 80 percent approved of the assistance to the unemployed.

Well, that's what the Recovery Act was. And let's face it, some of you have been at the ribbon-cuttings for some of these important projects in your communities. Now, I understand some of you had some philosophical differences perhaps on the just the concept of government spending, but, as I recall, opposition was declared before we had a chance to actually meet and exchange ideas. And I saw that as a missed opportunity.//

That was from Obama at the Republican Retreat meeting that he was invited to to discuss bipartisan attempts (even though we've been trying to work with you conservatives when you just plug your ears and call us socialists)/////

Hmm I think “you conservatives” was a bit too generalized. I’m a conservative, or as you call it, “sociapathic bitch”, and I occasionally I love compromises. For example: I don’t like the healthcare bill, however, seeing as its necessary to help those without insurance, I think it should pass, on the condition that abortions aren’t on there. Now we’ve already been through that abortion argumentation, and I KNOW you said “well its just spending a tiny bit of money to get rid of a blob that doesn’t exist” or something along those lines, but I argue back that babies aka fetuses are living beings, and I got thousands of ppl out there backing me up, like republicans that want healthcare blocked.

Evidence provided: ... 49309.html

///You like everything involved with just don't like it because it's coming from a liberal and the fact that radical moronic groups got a hold of it and demonized it before you ever saw the [Censored Word] legislation.////

I do not clearly understand what you meant by “you like everything involved with it”. Do you mean the concepts? Sure, I like the concepts, lets help people. I also don’t like an over-excessive amount of government spending when it comes to unnecessary things: (evidence) ... 09732.html

I don’t NOT like it because it is coming from a liberal, I DON’T like it because the idealogy behind excessive government spending to fix problems is liberal..

Ok by the way….is this the article you got?

President Obama is following CNN's latest polling on the economic stimulus bill.
The president made reference to our poll released earlier Friday showing that while 56 percent of Americans oppose the stimulus measure as a whole, they approve of many of its specific initiatives.
"There was an interesting headline on CNN today. Americans disapprove of stimulus, but like every policy in it," Obama said during his remarks at the House Republican Retreat in Baltimore. "There was a poll that showed if you broke it down into its component parts, 80 percent approved of the tax cuts, 80 percent approved of the infrastructure, 80 percent approved of the assistance to the unemployed."
But CNN Polling Director Keating Holland notes the president wasn't entirely accurate in his recitation of the poll's findings.
"Obama's summary of the CNN/Opinion Research poll was largely correct but the president misstated one of the poll results," Holland said. "The poll found that 70 percent of Americans approved of the tax cuts in the stimulus package, ten points lower than Obama indicated. Roughly eight in ten Americans approve of increased spending on roads and bridges and assistance to people who lost their jobs, as the President noted."

I found it on CNN, big surprise ;) jk…
Now Luke, I know you made the point about America’s approval of infrastructure, and tax cuts and such. And I’m confused. I like both of those things. I think when the polls showed that 56% percent of Americans oppose the stimulus as a whole ( and that’s a majority last time I checked), it’s saying that Americans don’t like things like gigantic handouts to AIG and car companies.

Well, in any event, I thought you wanted to rip me apart on healthcare, not infrastructure spending….

ok Britain...I tried on this'd I do?

Postby BellaVega » Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:24 am

I try not to get caught up in the constant slinging of mud between both parties. It's usually the far right and the far left that participate more often than not. I agree that if you break down any bill including the health care bill, there will be items that you agree with and probably items that you disagree with. But overall, I think for the most part the health bill and the stimulus bill and the finance reform bill are trying to help citizens and businesses.


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