2013-2014: Economic Engagement

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its economic engagement toward Cuba, Mexico, or Venezuela.


2013-2014 Topic Analysis

Background information, strategy advice, free evidence, and more to get you started building your case!


Topic Background Paper: An introduction to the topic from Latin America economic expert Sergio Daga– a Debate Central exclusive!

Cross-Examination Workshop Powerpoints


Free evidence:

Cuba Aff/Neg

Russia Disad

TPA politics Disad (full file)

TPA politics update

UN declares Latin America most insecure region globally

Status quo solves U.S.-Latin America relations


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Open Evidence

This is a compilation of the evidence produced at summer debate institutes nationwide. This site is maintained by the generous work of volunteers at the National Debate Coaches Association (NDCA.)


This assembles the arguments read by hundreds of the nation’s best teams. Like Open Evidence, this site is maintained by the generous work of volunteers at the National Debate Coaches Association (NDCA.)  If you are looking for arguments run by college debate teams that list is maintained here by Aaron Hardy of Whitman College.

Paperless Debate

Hundreds of squads throughout the country now read their evidence off of their computers instead of printing. While challenging, this process saves thousands in travel and printing costs.

The first link is to PaperlessDebate.com, a website run by Aaron Hardy of Whitman College. The second links to Debate Synergy, a software suite designed by Alex Gulakov of the University of Texas-Austin.

**NOTE — Both links contain hyperlinks to evidence templates. For a basic description of why a paperless debate template is useful in preparing evidence efficiently, please see Naveen Ramachandrappa’s work here.

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If you’ve ever heard a debate term and wondered what it meant, look no further! This encyclopedia contains useful information compiled by expert debate coaches.

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