The March-April 2016 Lincoln-Douglas resolution is super broad, and includes several important phrases that can be tricky to define.


“Democracy promotion” and “Middle East” are both critical terms that debaters will have to wrestle with in order to debate this topic successfully.


Luckily, we’ve pored over countless pages of scholarly research, government documents, and other contextual evidence sources in order to bring you a Topicality file that includes enough definitions and interpretation cards to support every case!


It’s just a preview of the full file that’s to come– grab it now!



Public Forum debaters will spend March 2016 addressing a resolution asking them to consider whether the United States should withdraw its military presence from the Japanese island of Okinawa.



International relations resolutions are always especially tricky, due to their inclusion of a variety of complex interests. Not to worry, though, because¬†we’re going to help you write the best possible cases for both sides, using this free guide!


Our topic analysis contains tons of free evidence for both pro and con, plenty of strategic tips from our experts, and a full breakdown of the March PF resolution,

“Resolved: The United States should withdraw its military presence from Okinawa.”



This year’s Young Patriots Essay Contest received a record-breaking number of entries, with more than 960 students from around the country participating. The quality of these essays was incredible!

After much deliberation, our judges have selected three winning submissions to receive $9,000 in scholarship prizes.


Was your essay one of the winners? Find out!



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