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Hey PFers! We’ve got the new topic analysis for December’s topic ready to go, just in time for a Thanksgiving break full of debate prep! Check it out below.



Anyone who has ever participated in a sport understands the meaning of the term “fundamentals.” Fundamentals refers to the most basic skills underlying an activity. Debate is no different! Just as basketball players must pay attention to their footwork and golfers must watch their posture and grip, debaters too can benefit from paying close attention to a few basic building blocks of argumentation.  Today, we’ll be going over the fundamentals of debate and discussing how you can ensure you’re beginning every round from a solid foundation.



Here at Debate Central, we’re always working to post the types of resources that help you the most. We know you like evidence and strategy guides, but we want to know what subjects and events you are interested in. Take the poll below, and our staff will use the feedback to create exactly the sorts of content you want to see!

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It’s time for another Free Card Friday! This week we have impact cards about the NSA. This evidence will help you establish important, concrete reasons why NSA surveillance is either good or bad.


Since each of these cards deals with global concerns, you might encounter an opponent who says they aren’t relevant to domestic surveillance. However, this is false. All of them are descriptive of NSA activities as a whole. The con evidence is based on the idea that foreign investors and regulators are nervous about doing business with American tech companies because of NSA’s access to data from these companies. The pro evidence argues that, in order to catch terrorists, we must allow NSA to cast as wide of a net as possible. As you can see, both of these concerns have to deal with domestic surveillance.


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